I have been reading Christopher Wood’s Victorian Panorama, a definitive survey of modern-life painting in 19th century Britain, some of which was moralising (like Holman Hunt's The Awakening Conscience) but much of which was coolly observational (such as Stanford Forbes’ The Health of the Bride, my particular favourite, above). Wood says that, although many of these … Continue reading CHECK TROUSERS AND TOP HATS


  Leighton House Museum, the house Frederic Leighton built for himself in Holland Park, which I visited yesterday, will start a big improvement programme soon, due for completion in 2021. Leighton House is famous for its Orientalist decoration, furnished from Leighton's travels in the near East, and notable for walls covered in Iznik and Persian tiles … Continue reading LEIGHTON HOUSE MUSEUM


The Society of Designer Craftsmen is excited to be working with Elliot Payne Architects to ensure the Society continues to be the success it is today. To help secure our future, we are currently fundraising to refurbish our headquarters in London's vibrant Shoreditch to provide a members gallery for public exhibitions and creative spaces where members can meet clients and take part in workshops.


I've been work furiously for shows over the summer, making use of both my kilns, and the other day my kiln mysteriously turned itself off in the middle of a firing. The cause turned out to be voltage dip, a temporary reduction in the power supply. I'd never heard of voltage dip before, but firing my kiln again and finding everything normal, suggests that this was indeed the reason for its stalling.