These are my Arabesque and Berry patterns translated from earthenware to stoneware, using the new glaze I’ve been developing, which I described here. The old glaze was a traditional tin glaze, whose recipe I adapted from one of Daphne Carnegy’s. The new one is a feldspar dolomite glaze.
You won’t be able to tell the difference from the photo between the old and the new – here, below are the same patterns in earthenware – and you’d find it difficult to distinguish them even if you picked them up. The new range looks the same but is much more hard wearing.


  1. Hi Marshall. Emma Jay from Harrow here. Haven’t done any pottery since leaving. Kyra put me off totally, don’t know how to sell stuff and Husband needs non stop care nowadays . But I am off to Charleston next weekend to hopefully get inspired again. Do u still sell yr stuff there?
    Btw: I was idly looking up Nicholas Vergette who I got v interested in at Harrow (I just missed buying a panel of his going at auction at Mallams about 10 years ago) and see u wrote about him on yr blog! (I’m afraid I still don’t know how to do blogs…)
    And last year I got interested in researching Lettice Ramsay, who was associated with the Bloomsbury set, and the only person who has ever written about her is Charles Saumery Smith, in a brief blog. So I guess I gotta learn ..


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