Ceramics by Rebecca Appleby

The Craft Potters Association (CPA), the leading UK body for art ceramics, selects professional members twice a year. It’s interesting to see the artists they’re choosing at the moment. This month they accepted applications from Rebecca Appleby, Emily-Kriste Wilcox, Adela Powell, Paula Downing, Peter Bodenham, Ali Tomlin and Sue Hannah.

Formed in 1958, the CPA was once the redoubt of studio pottery that was brown, rough and to be used in the kitchen. Since then it’s become more inclusive and, although you can still get useful tableware at the CPA’s shop opposite the British Museum, they’re now welcoming more fine artists in clay.

The CPA selects makers who demonstrate mastery of their craft and who are making a contribution to the ceramic art. The applicants I’ve spoken to tell me that the selectors don’t say much about the reason for their choice. From their decisions this month (below), you can see the excellent and original work being made by contemporary potters.

Emily-Kriste Wilcox

Adela Powell

Paula Downing

Peter Bodenham

Ali Tomlin

Sue Hannah

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